A Proactive Approach to Marketing a Home With Foundation Problems

Most homeowners do not make a habit of regularly inspecting their homes for foundation cracks; therefore indications of foundation settlement may go unnoticed for quite some time. Often the first time that the signs of foundation settlement are discovered is during a home inspection on behalf of the potential buyer. In some cases the seller has not noticed the problem, or in other cases foundation cracks have been ignored because they were not actively allowing water to enter the basement or crawl space. Whatever the circumstance, after the potential of foundation settlement is realized, the implications can dramatically affect the marketability of the home. Many times buyers will reduce their offer substantially or simply elect not to move forward with the purchase of the home due to concerns regarding the stability of the foundation. Buyers will often perceive even the most minor foundation cracks as a potential for major foundation issues in the years to come.

The best way to ensure that foundation problems, or potential foundation problems do not affect the sale of a home is to have the foundation inspected prior to listing the property. Most sellers do not want to invest any additional money into the property they are selling however, a pre-listing inspection can save the seller both time and money when a buyer makes an offer on the property. Addressing significant damage or essential maintenance prior to listing the property is money well spent, as it will limit the potential for a price reduction. A house that is presented as well maintained and in good condition is easier to market and will sell faster than comparable properties that pose foundation repair issues.

A pre-listing inspection preformed by a licensed home inspector will provide the seller with a detailed report of defects found throughout the home that may affect the sale of the property. Most home inspectors will recognize and note the significance of foundation cracks and damage to the structure. A home inspector will have knowledge on many different areas of home repair and how the structure is maintained, however most home inspectors will refer issues related to foundation and structural damage to suitably qualified professionals who specialize in the evaluation and repair of foundations.

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