Forex Funnel Review – Another Automated Forex Robot Scam?

Forex Funnel is software that is claimed to trade the foreign exchange currency markets by itself. It does this by using a trading system that exploits technical indicators to find its entry and exit points on autopilot. So in essence, it is designed to make you money automatically without lifting a finger. Software of this kind are more commonly known as ‘expert advisors’, but the question is can you really trust your cash with an automated robot trader?

1. What is an Expert Advisor?

They operate automatically on pre set parameters set by you, the user. Normally, clickfunnels pricing discount the parameters best for advisor to trade with is pre programmed, which means that you only need to add the software to the currency screens in their Meta Trader 4 program to start using them.

2. How does the Forex Funnel software work?

Once the software is added to Meta Trader 4, Forex Funnel will work by itself to look for profitable opportunities in the markets. Once established, they do orders by themselves with a pre set lot size. You can also set a stop loss, trailing stop loss or a cut off profit level.

3. So, is The Forex Funnel profitable?

After demo testing this software for a couple of months, I was very impressed with the results the software delivered. A word of warning, you should only use software to the currency pairs that the programmer recommends. Different currencies have different unpredictability, and Forex Funnel has only been designed to trade in very specific markets.

After demo testing Forex Funnel with profitable results throughout, I have started using it to trade with real money. I have been very impressed with the transition and the software has returned similar real money profits to the profit margins on the demo account.

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