Premature Ejaculation Gels – Why You Should Avoid These

Premature ejaculation gels are basically ointment gels which when applied to the penis, are designed to “fix” any quick ejaculation problems which may arise. The way they “fix” the problem is essentially by numbing the problem away. The gels work by desensitizing the area, thus numbing it up so over sensation cannot be felt.

Right away, on the surface, some questions likely arise over the use of premature ejaculation gels. Here are reasons why you should NOT consider this method as a way for stopping quick ejaculations.

Why you should avoid premature ejaculation gels:

1. Sex becomes boring. Sex is an exciting and highly pleasurable experience, and doing things that go against this pleasure and excitement seems counter productive, and frankly, rather stupid. But that is what happens when using gels. It desensitizes not only your penis, but sex overall. Not only can’t you feel much, but you may not even achieve ejaculation. This is fairly easy to understand; No feeling = no pleasure.

2. Mind Numbing Trial and Error. Gels not only provide penis numbing, but they can also be extremely mind numbing. This is because you have to go through quite a bit of trial and error with gels. Too less of an amount, and they won’t work, too much and you won’t ejaculate. Finding that correct individual mix and amount that potentially works for you can be very frustrating. Many men think they can just buy a tube, slop on any old amount, and achieve results. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that easily.


3. Addiction. Yes, you can get “addicted to gels”, having to rely on them every single time you have sex. Not only are you losing out an experiencing great natural sex, but applying gel to your penis becomes a manic, addictive thing where you feel you can’t have sex without it. Men who use gels should quickly transition over to learning exercises and natural techniques to learn how to last longer. These techniques may take some time to learn, but they are way better than becoming addicted to using gels every time you have sex.

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