Seniors and Lift Chairs

For those who are elderly or have mobility related health issues, such as problems with their hips or knees, it can be difficult to stand up on ones own. This can often result in needing assistance when it is time to get out of the recliner to eat or to go to bed. Inherently, this presents some difficulties, especially for those who might not always have a caregiver available. To help get around this accessibility issue, using a lift chair can often present a safe means of standing or sitting without help from others.

Lift chairs are a type of durable medical equipment that were made popular by Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility Products during the mid-eighties. These are devices that look and operate similarly to a recliner, but also provide a means of making standing safer and easier, by raising the user to a standing position. Typically, a scissor lift system is installed in the base of the lift chair, which subsequently raises and lowers the entire chair frame when the user pushes a button. When fully raised, the user can remain seated or exit the chair on their feet, leaving it extended for when it is time to sit again.

As a result of using a home lifting aid, like a lift recliner, users are able to sit or stand without needing to wait for someone else to give them a hand. Instead, using a simple and easy to use hand control, the chair can be completely controlled electronically by the user. This not only includes raising and lowering the lift chair, but also moving the chairs backrest to a reclined position or extending the recliners footrest.

Most lift chair manufacturers also offer extra features, such as a built in back massager or a heating system, that can make the device much more comfortable to use. Since many seniors use their chairs for extended periods of time, it is usually possible to get an additional full length sleeper pillow, which safely and securely fits the lift chair, adding an additional layer of comfort to the chair.

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Lift chairs themselves are the size of a standard recliner, so do not present a portable solution for safely standing and sitting. Some people opt to also use a seat-lift, which is a more portable lifting option. A seat-lift is a small lifting system that can be placed into the seat of almost any type of chair. It provides a comfortable cushion on the bottom and when activated, elevates at an angle to make it easier to exit the chair. These can be great for the holidays, as people travel to their relatives home, although are not as robust as an actual lift chair.

The lift recliner can be an important tool for the home or for those living in an assisted living facility, or nursing home, providing a mechanism for independent living. Since, in addition to providing a safe way to stand or sit-down, lift recliners also provide the full functionality of a regular recliner, they can safely replace almost any existing sitting chair, with a number of attractive styles and designs available.

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