The Perfect Golf Swing – Is This Golf Swing Obtainable?

I’m excited about this post! No matter how much hype this practice gets it is still under rated in my opinion.

Modern athletes in all sports are in better shape than ever. There are countless workout programs and trainers out there. It has become a huge business. Golf is no different. yoga swing

But which program should YOU be on?

Well there’s no real correct answer to that. But I am 100% convinced that this is the best and most efficient way to get the most out of your golf game and prolong your playing career. And that is…


Yoga is amazing on so many levels. It works for men and women of any age. It will help with your strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and even your mind!

I never feel more calm and stress free than I do after yoga. In his book, Training a Tiger: A Father’s Guide to Raising a Winner in Both Golf and Life Earl Woods (Tiger Woods dad) reminds his son, “If you don’t clutter your conscious mind with endless pointers and tips, you make it easier for your subconscious instincts to guide you.”

Yoga will help you clear your mind and allow your subconscious to take over. This is an amazing feeling and helps to erase all of those unnecessary Swing Thoughts. It will also help you forget about those Annoying Partners you are playing with. I could go on for pages about Yoga and how much it will help your golf swing, your mental strength, your patience and pretty much everything that is needed to be a great golfer. It is an all in one tool that you need to be implementing.

I know there are still some men out there that think yoga isn’t “cool” or “manly” or whatever your excuse is. Open up your mind here and try something new. Most of the greatest athletes in the world practice yoga in some form. Ask any pro athlete if they practice yoga and you can expect an emphatic “yes!” It’s a no brainer. If NBA stars like Blake Griffin, Baron Davis, Reggie Miller, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar can do it, I’d say its “cool” enough for you to try also. Abdul-Jabbar was able to enjoy a 20-year career as a 7 footer in the NBA. This is almost unheard of, but he attributes it largely to yoga.

Of course, many golfers on the big tours are practicing Yoga now, and have been for a while. Ty Tryon, Jonathan Kaye, Brad Faxon, Jesper Parnevik, David Duval, Annika Sorenstam, Se Ri Pak, Joe Inman are just a few names that are very dedicated to practicing yoga.

I looked around to see if there is anything on Tiger Woods practicing yoga, but couldn’t come up with anything. I do know that he does Pilates, which is similar and also very effective. Pilates is also something that most guys seem to think is not a macho enough workout. I challenge you to give yoga a try and see what it can do for you.


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