Tips to Keep in Mind Before Selling Your Watch

The market for pre-owned watches is becoming increasingly popular and competitive. Like most jewelry items, a watch will generally lose a high percentage of its value once it has been purchased. What makes watches different is that they are hugely collectible, so you may find that a very expensive, limited edition or antique timepiece may fetch a high price. If you have a watch which you are considering selling, here are some tips for success.  Sell Your Watches

Do your research

Before selling you will need to have detailed information on the product and its value. First, contact the watchmaker to request any specific information that might be available based on the item’s serial number (found on the back or the box) then has it appraised. If there isn’t a reputable dealer in your area then utilize a price guide book to generate a benchmark value. Then, you can utilize eBay or another on-line auction site to get a sense of what people are actually paying for the item currently. Use both the current auction listings as well as the log history to get a sense of the trends. Pay attention to the qualities that may cause one piece to sell for more or less than average.

Have realistic expectations

The market for watches is very unpredictable. It will rise and fall with the economy and fads. Also, different people will value the same piece a widely different prices for different reasons. Watches that sell for top dollar have usually found a buyer who has a unique connection with that particular piece. Perhaps it completes a part of their collection, or replaces a piece that was lost. It may have a sentimental connection to a deceased family member or to a special place. Thus, they may be more willing to pay full price for the watch than a potential buyer who does not have the same connection.

While there are plenty of guides available to successfully selling products on sites such as eBay, knowing how to sell a watch or who to sell it to is not something that can be easily taught. If you do not have the time and patience to learn the market, you may want to consider utilizing a third party to sell your piece. A private dealer will usually provide the quickest turnaround while an auction house will usually provide the best chances of getting top dollar for your piece.

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